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Our registered C10 Fire Engineers are passionate about their work & believe that it is essential to provide a comprehensive service to our client’s requirements

AED Fire are Accredited Fire Engineers in New South Wales, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, and Victoria and can provide fire engineering and performance-based assessments to address departures from the Building Code of Australia deemed-to-satisfy provisions. 

We are strongly project and client orientated with a highly experienced team that will provide you with personalised service from the projects inception to its completion, while striving to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to provide positive design outcomes.  

AED Fire use the most current and sophisticated fire engineering computational tools available, including Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) fire modelling and three-dimensional (3D) pedestrian modelling. 

Our extensive industry experience ensures we are proficient in a wide variety of building project types and classifications across all sectors. 

For further information please view our capability statement.


AED Fire can provide the following services:

  • Concept design advice 
  • Pre-DA advice and supporting statements 
  • Performance based solutions for all types of buildings, unrestricted by class or size. 
  • Final inspections, witness testing of systems and 153A Compliance Statements 
  • Fire Safety Upgrade Strategies to address Fire Safety Orders 
  • High level design advice for fire services and other fire safety systems 
  • Rectification briefs, performance briefs and fire safety related tender documents. 
  • Expert witness reports 
  • Third Party Peer Reviews of Fire Engineering Reports 

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