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Nathan Halstead

Managing Director

With more than 25 years of industry experience in building regulations and environmental projects, Nathan founded AED in 1999. Nathan is registered as an Unrestricted Building Surveyor within NSW, enabling him to provide certification and advice on all classes of building. Nathan is also a Registered Professional Fire Engineer in NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

Nathan is committed to ensuring the AED team deliver exceptional customer service, that they are mindful of their community responsibility and that they always offer their clients a thorough knowledge of specific legislation, the Building Code of Australia and other requirements relevant to planning, developing and constructing projects. Nathan has extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of projects, involving complex performance-based compliance solutions and fire safety engineering. Nathan has developed AED into a high level consulting firm offering professional consulting and certification services to the construction industry. AED has become an industry leader and continually strives to provide cost effective and efficient services.

Trenton Jones


Trenton has 20 years of building regulations consulting and certification experience in NSW and the United Kingdom. He possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the Building Code of Australia and his commitment to his role and work ethic contributes to him being one of the most sought after Certifiers in NSW.

Offering a consistent, proactive approach, Trenton takes the complexity out of the certification process for AED’s clients. Grade A1 Accredited Certifier and Principal Certifying Authority, Trenton assists his clients in achieving their building and development project objectives. His proficiency in certifying a diverse range of buildings, including complex performance based alternative solution projects, ensures Trenton always provides our clients with a consistent, efficient service on all types of building developments.

Lee Clark

Director AED Fire

Lee has worked on a wide range of complex alternative solutions including tunnel projects, examples include: Cross City Tunnel egress tunnels; Randwick Racecourse pedestrian and vehicular tunnels; BATA Eastgardens extended travel distances in ceiling spaces for maintenance access.

In addition, Lee has extensive experience in the design of fire protection systems. Lee’s fire safety engineering and fire systems knowledge allows AE&D to assist clients with fire safety design and compliance solutions.

Josh Curan


With more than seventeen years of experience in the building industry and over eight years of experience specifically in professional Building Surveying, Joshua has worked as a Building Surveyor/Registered Certifier in both private practice and local government. His extensive knowledge of the National Construction Code (NCC), Australian Standards, and Planning/Building Control Legislation comes from his experience as a registered Building Surveyor, Accredited Practitioner for Fire Safety Assessment, and Licensed Builder.

As a Building Surveyor with an Unrestricted (Unconditional) registration, Joshua can provide certification services and BCA advice on all types of buildings, including those that involve complex BCA Performance Solutions. His experience includes building certification, BCA consulting, and consulting as an expert witness for a diverse range of projects such as commercial, industrial, retail, and residential buildings.

Joshua is committed to providing his clients with exceptional customer service by being proactive, consistent, and efficient whilst being mindful and committed to his community responsibilities as a building certifier.

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